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Using GitOps for Infrastructure and Applications with Crossplane & Argo CD

If you have been following the Codefresh blog for a while, you might have noticed a common pattern in all the articles that talk about Kubernetes deployments. Almost all of them start with a Kubernetes cluster that is already there, and then the article explains how to deploy an application on top.

The reason for this simplification comes mainly from brevity and simplicity. We want to focus on the deployment part of the application and not its infrastructure just to make the article easier to follow. This is the obvious reason.

The hidden reason is that until recently infrastructure deployments were handled in a different manner than applications deployments. Especially in large enterprise companies, the skillset of people that deal with infrastructure and application can vary a lot as the tools of the trade are completely different. 

Join us on January 18 at 9:30am Pacific as Tracy and Viktor cover GitOps best practices for uniformly dealing with infrastructure and applications.