Merging-to-Main-Ep.4 LP

Does your organization use Feature Flags? 🚩

Feature Flagging comes with many benefits, like testing new features in a live environment without exposing them to all users, rolling back changes quickly if something goes wrong, and helping isolate the feature development process from deployment so you can better manage your dev cycles.

Like everything in the CI/CD world, all features and tools require careful consideration. You want to avoid creating additional tech debt and complicating your codebase, and you certainly want to avoid introducing unnecessary work to a likely already overworked team.

On the next episode of Merging to Main, Cody De Arkland, Head of DevRel at LaunchDarkly, will be joining to talk about:

  • Real-world use cases and challenges.
  • What are feature flags solving? Are they an anti-pattern? Does it become part of your deployment pipeline? Is it automated or manual?
  • How do you keep track of feature flags?

Join us on June 6 at 12-1 pm Pacific!