Is GitOps Just a FAD?

Adopting GitOps is an adventure worth exploring, but it requires careful consideration of your existing development practices, CI/CD automation, infrastructure, and engineering culture.

Like any CI/CD modernization, the benefits are significant, but finding the right balance between the amount of change, the timeline, and the potential for improvement can be tricky.

In addition, you also must ensure that your teams receive training on the core principles of GitOps and the new process. So with that in mind - is it all worth it? Is GitOps just another FAD that you should ignore?

Join this session and hear from Anusha Ragunathan and Kevin Downey on how Intuit has revolutionized its CI/CD process with GitOps. They will share their experiences on:

  • Where does this all fit in with CI/CD?
  • Abstracting complexity from developers
  • Managing infrastructure with GitOps
  • How a mature organization like Intuit fostered GitOps innovation

Join us on April 4, 12-1 pm Pacific for this episode of Merging to Main!