The Pain of Infrequent Deployments Webinar Series

The Pain of Infrequent Deployments

A critical metric for a delivery process for software development is the deployment frequency. Meaning the measurement of how often applications are deployed to production is vital. Most organizations strive to deploy as often as possible, however, the benefits of doing this are overlooked due to ongoing technical debates and legacy ways.

  • In Part 1, Hannah will cover the downsides of deployments, identifying pain points with an infrequent deployment process and identifying potential solutions. 
  • In Part 2, Hannah will cover Metrics Matter in DevOps, identifying the deployment solutions and metrics.
  • In Part 3, Brandon will cover Ending Your Deployment Headaches, Brandon will explain how Codefresh solves deployment challenges.

Software deployment doesn’t have to be so painful and Codefresh can allow you and your organization to deploy more often.

Who should join? CEOs, Tech Leads, Managers, and business industry leaders.